Welcome to Snapfix - complete letter-fixing solutions

Here at Snapfix, we have almost 50 years’ experience in supplying everything from plastic locators to letter fixings. Our products are used by everyone from small business owners to professional sign and letter makers. Not only can we provide the best solution in the field of sign fixings, our products also come with a lifetime guarantee - meaning the utmost quality is assured for years to come.

Sign Fixings

Signs are an important part of any business for both employees and customers. However, signs, and the fixings used to support them, are often taken for granted. Whether it’s for advertising a product or simply providing everyday information, it makes sense to ensure any signs used are complemented sufficiently with high quality sign fixings. This way, a professional appearance is guaranteed and a sign’s lifespan can be extended. Also, with the use of plastic locators and letter fixings, multi-layer signs can be made to really stand out. After all, whatever a sign’s purpose, its main job is to grab passing attention.

Snapfix fasteners are perfect for fixing fabricated or flat acrylic letters to a surface. Firstly, a socket is secured to the surface using a round head screw. The studs are then bonded to the letters with the correct adhesive. Then, the letter is simply fixed to the surface using the sockets. Depending on the size of the Snapfix fasteners chosen, the letters are placed with a stand-off of up to 25mm from the backdrop surface. For a subtler appearance, smaller fasteners, which allow for a 15mm stand-off, are also available.

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