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Are you tired of calls, sticky notes, paperwork, texts, emails,  and voicemails? Are you tired of complex systems with information everywhere?

Now you and your team can manage everything in your Facility using Photos.  Simple. Organised. Efficient.

Quick to setup with no training needed, low costs and no contracts.

One platform. Infinite uses.

task is done!

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“A massive benefit of Snapfix is that it can be easily used by all our staff for every type of task. We love that one simple solution can handle everything. It’s an essential part of our maintenance operations”

Keith Weston, Facilities Manager
The K Club


Snapfix is a simple and versatile, photo-based platform for the construction, maintenance and management of buildings and infrastructure.

It uses photos, groups and messages, just like on WhatsApp, to manage everything on a project including initial construction work, inspections, variations, audits, irrigation etc. Everyone loves it!

what do people think

I have used Snapfix successfully in two hotels, for maintenance and fire safety. Our teams like it because it’s so simple to use. Everyone can take a photo, and the photo instantly communicates the issue or task to be completed.
Today, it is an essential part of our maintenance operations at The K Club, including ensuring the hotel is compliant with fire regulations.

Keith Weston, Facilities Manager
The K Club

what do people think

"Snapfix has helped us to communicate effectively, manage more efficiently and, crucially for us, keep track of trends around recurring engineering issues."

Fergal Harte, General Manager
The Kingsley Hotel

what do people think

"Our complex encompasses multiple buildings, and it is paramount that our teams are focused on delivering a positive guest experience. Snapfix helps our team to communicate and collaborate simply and effectively, to continually enhance guest experiences in our facilities. Snapfix makes clear & prompt communication possible, and is especially effective in our multilingual environment as photos do the talking."

Rishnoor Kaur, General Manager
Osprey Complex

how do
use snapfix?

Keep Projects Organised & Efficient

Capture tasks by taking a photo.

Share tasks with your team with a single click.

Complete tasks using our Red/Yellow/Green traffic lights.

It’s all about photos and simplicity!

Snapfix Works With Your Projects

No matter what size of commercial or industrial project you’re working on, Engineers keep finding different ways to make life easier with Snapfix.

Sites are always ready for inspection and you know exactly the situation 24/7 with all aspects of the project. How will you use Snapfix?

Client Reporting

Keep clients or colleagues fully up to date by easily sharing photos or videos to show progress on projects, which tasks remain outstanding and who is responsible for which items.

This feature alone saves Engineers massive amounts of time.

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a note

I originally built Snapfix to solve my own problem - to help me manage a number of buildings which always required ongoing management and maintenance.

I have always been obsessed with simplicity, so I designed Snapfix to be the simplest task management solution on the planet. We use photos, tags and traffic lights - concepts that everyone in the world understands.

The beauty of Snapfix is that photos, tags and traffic lights allows for infinite uses.

I would love to hear how you use Snapfix.

Please email me directly at paul [at]

Paul McCarthy
Founder & CEO

PS: Please send me any feedback directly at paul [at]
It will help us improve Snapfix for everyone!