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The simplest Facilities Management Solution (CMMS) in the world.

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With Snapfix you can:

  • Save 1 hour a day with faster communication.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by 20% with preventive and predictive technology.
  • Become covid-compliant with better cleaning and hygiene tracking measures.
  • Display real time cleaning data to visitors and staff.
  • Ensure all equipment is up to code at all times.
  • Reduce paperwork by at least 50% and move away from spreadsheets.

"Log Issues & enable better reporting without having to write a series of emails. Awesome training, customer service and follow up."

Doug Jacques

Leasing and Facilities Manager
2 Degrees, New Zealand

Facilities teams across the globe are getting things done

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Snapfix Is An All-in-One Facilities Maintenance Platform

Work Order Management & Reactive Maintenance

Your facilities team can now easily report and resolve issues using the universal language of photos, messages and traffic lights, simply by using Snapfix app on their mobile phone. Communicate using the build-in messaging to move tasks to completion.

Fire Safety Planned Maintenance

Ensure all your equipment maintenance, health & safety checks, cleaning checks are carried-out on schedule and on time. Your daily Fire Walks are now being conducted and fully completed. Use NFC tags for proof of location.

Reporting & Analytics

Track all the work carried out, and know the status of each task, piece of equipment and safety-checks in real-time and with a full audit trail.

See how

Facilities Managers are using Snapfix

Essential for operations
OCS, Ireland

They are using Snapfix for

  • Reactive Maintenance

  • Asset Tracking

  • Planned Maintenance

Features used

  • Photo-Tasks

  • Scheduler

  • Checklists

  • Reporting Dashboard


  • Accountability

  • Automation

  • Real-time Reporting

"Thanks to Snapfix, we've been able to eliminate a huge amount of compliance paperwork as well as saving time."
Barry Gregg
Airport Services Manager
Effective communication
Ultimate Products, Manchester, United Kingdom

They are using Snapfix for

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Repairs

  • Weekly Inspections

Features used

  • Photo Based Work Orders

  • Traffic-light system

  • Scheduler


  • Improved Communications

  • Time-saving

  • Accountability

"Snapfix has allowed us to keep on top of the issues that arise at our facilities in a quick, easy to use package. We also could not have asked for more helpful staff to get us set up with the platform."
Michael Gizauskas
Operations & Facilities

Ultimate Products

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