Frequently Asked Questions

What is Snapfix?

Snapfix is ….
What is Snapfix commonly used for?
On what platforms is Snapfix available?
What are the minimum phone requirements for Snapfix?

Getting started

How do I sign-up to Snapfix?
Verifying phone and email
I did not receive my verification email
How do I reset my account password?
I have been invited by someone, what do I do now?
How do I complete my profile?

Managing tasks

What is a Task?
How do I add a task to Snapfix?
How do I share a task with other users?
How do I ‘tag’ a task, and what type of tags are available?
What are the benefits of tagging a task?
How do I change the colour state or priority of a task?
How do I search for a task?
How do I filter tasks?
How do I create a “planned” task?
How do I archive, view archived tasks and un-archive a task?
How do I delete a task?

Managing a group as an admin

What is a Group?
Aligning on group purpose & status colour definitions
How do I add new users to a group?
I invited a new user, what do I do now?
What is the difference between the ‘user’ and ‘admin’ role?
How do I add or update tags?
How do I setup the electronic NFC tags?


How do I create a report or dashboard?
What is a Snapboard and how do I use it?


I can’t log in
I can’t register after being invited to Snapfix
The camera is not working?
The group I was invited to is not showing