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Snapfix is Simple

  • As easy as taking a photo
  • Keep all your work organized
  • Get more work done together
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Snapfix Is An All-in-One Platform

As easy as taking a photo

Work orders are created by taking a photo or video, and giving it a title.

In order to emphasize the issue, call-outs can be added using the sketch tools or tasks can be set as high priority.

Keep all your work organized

Work orders and tasks are organized in customizable Groups. Within Groups, Tasks are sorted in Red, Yellow and Green "traffic lights".

A common use case for the traffic light is: Red: work order or task is reported, Yellow: in-progress, Green: completed.

Get more work done together

Each task includes its own instant messaging to collaborate with your team. A task can be tagged, prioritized, assigned and shared with other users, and progressed to completion using the traffic lights.

Dashboard & Reporting

Create a better understanding of your business

The Snapfix dashboard includes all critical information to track tasks, accountability and team productivity.

Snapfix reports include Task reports, Time reports and Checklist Exception reports.

All reports are exportable to Excel or PDF.


Features that matter

Scheduler & Checklists

For planned tasks, Snapfix has a simple to use scheduler, with a calendar view, which allows you to plan and organize recurring tasks.

Create consistency by using the powerful checklist features that includes a signature sign-off, providing a full audit trail.

NFC Snaptag support

Snapfix supports NFC electronic tags. An NFC Snaptag can be simply set up, and  configured to confirm 'proof of physical location'.

For example, with a simple tap of a phone, Snapfix will record a user's location, tick a checklist item or confirm the identity of an Asset.

Granular admin controls

Snapfix is fully customizable to each Customer and Team.

The purpose of a group and the traffic light definitions can be configured.

User permissions can be administered to allow or restrict access.

Tag categories and tag lists are fully defined by you.

Connect to Snapfix

Specialized functionalities using our APIs

Snapfix uses an Open APIs platform, to connect with other systems, email utilities, Single Sign On services, and IOT Smart Devices.

Talk to us to discuss your specific needs with regards to integrations.

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