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The simplest Maintenance Solution in the world.

Use Snapfix to better manage your maintenance needs.

With Snapfix you can:

  • Save 1 hour a day with faster communication

  • Reduce costs on maintenance with preventive and predictive technology

  • Ensure all equipment is up to code at all times

  • Reduce paperwork by at least 50% and move away from spreadsheets.

Maintenance teams across the globe are getting things done

Simple features

How it works

Task Management &
Reactive Maintenance

Empower everyone on your maintenance team to easily report and resolve  issues using the universal language of photos, messages and traffic lights, simply by using their mobile phone.

Fire Safety &
Planned Maintenance

Ensure all your equipment maintenance and asset inspections are carried-out on schedule and on time.

Reporting &

Track all the work carried out, and know the status of each task, piece of equipment and safety-checks in real-time and with a full audit trail.

See how

Teams are using Snapfix

Essential for operations
The Kingsley Hotel, Cork, Ireland

They are using Snapfix for

  • Daily Inspections

  • Engineering Issues

  • Planned Maintenance

Features used

  • Photo-Tasks

  • Reporting Dashboard

  • Traffic-light system


  • Easy and Efficient Communication

  • Real-time Reporting

  • Accountability

“Snapfix has helped us to communicate effectively, manage more efficiently and, crucially for us, keep track of trends around recurring engineering issues.”
Fergal Harte, General Manager
Collaboration Across Locations
Chalets 1066, Les Gets, France

They are using Snapfix for

  • Reactive Maintenance

  • Repairs across 40 ski chalets

  • Maintaining customer service levels

Features used

  • Photo-tasks

  • Traffic-light system

  • Filters & Tags

  • Reporting dashboard


  • Save money

  • Improved NPS scores and CSAT scores

  • Improved communications

  • Accountability

“Since using Snapfix, we have managed to stay on top of all our maintenance issues without broken communications and waste of time or money.”
Morgane Dardy, Operations Manager

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