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Snapfix and the ‘Wince Factor’

Wince Factor
June 19, 2019

Dictionary.com defines ‘Wince’ as:

“to draw back or tense the body, as from pain or from a blow; start; flinch.”

You know the feeling… when you see something in your building that is not quite right.  Or when you use a piece of equipment, and it doesn’t work the way you expected – or it has an obvious flaw.

That’s what we call the “Wince Factor”.

Think of James Dyson who invented the cyclone vacuum cleaner. Thankfully he 'winced' when he used a traditional vacuum cleaner, and he decided to do something about it.

Snapfix will help you to photograph those “Wince Factors” in your building, with the aim that you can reduce those ‘winces’ over time (by repair or replacement).

So keep and eye out for all those ‘winces’ in your building, and Snapfix them today.

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