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Snapfix is a simple mobile-phone based visual platform that makes it incredibly easy to save time and manage your buildings and facilities.

It's designed to help you and your caretaker, janitor or groundsperson to use photos or videos to ensure that schools are better maintained, safer and healthier to be in. And it's as simple as taking a photo!

Quick to setup with no training needed, heavily discounted for schools/colleges and no contracts.

One platform. Infinite uses.

task is done!

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As a school with over 450 pupils, the high quality of our education needs to be matched by a well managed school environment.

With multiple buildings, staff and colleagues, it can be very challenging to ensure everything is operating smoothly at all times.

The simplicity, flexibility and photo-based nature means we got up and running rapidly, and our communication regarding issues is now almost seamless.

Time is always the most precious commodity for busy school staff, and thanks to Snapfix, we have much more of it now.

Their non-commercial pricing for schools helps as well, so I’d certainly recommend them highly to any school or educational facility.

Denise Nichol, Director of Finance and Administration
Clongowes Wood College


Snapfix is a simple and versatile, photo-based toolkit for the maintenance and management of schools and educational facilities.

Now you can use photos, tags and messages (just like WhatsApp) to manage everything in your school, including maintenance, cleaning, fire/health/safety checks, meter readings, renovations/fitouts, asset management, wifi codes and more.

what do people think

"I've been using Snapfix for over 12 months thanks to a colleague who recommended it.

It just keeps things really simple to stay on top of and saves me SO much time."

K O'Neill, Principal
King's School for Boys

what do people think

"Our caretaker loves Snapfix as it means he doesn't need to explain things to me!

We mainly use it for maintenance and fire safety. It helps us ensure we're compliant with all fire regs."

P Taylor, Vice Principal
Holy Rosary

what do people think

"As an Operations Manager maintaining 40 ski chalets, I chose Snapfix as I wanted a very simple but powerful platform that could manage all of our daily tasks across our team in different locations. Since we have been using Snapfix, we manage to stay on top of all our maintenance issues without broken communications and waste of time or money.

It even enabled us to maintain a high level of personal service to customers in the resort. We are finding other uses for Snapfix and overall it has brought our entire operations to a much higher level."

Morgane Dardy, Operations Manager
Chalets 1066

how do SCHOOLS
use snapfix?

snapfix works IN every SCHOOL

From a small school to a large student campus, educational leaders keep finding different ways to use Snapfix to make life easier and save time.

Buildings and facilities are always ready for an inspection and you know exactly the situation 24/7.

View and send detailed reports of pending tasks and much more to colleagues too if you need.


In a post-Covid world, give your students and staff the confidence to return to your school.

Show them that everything is being cleaned regularly, using your Snapfix system.

Branded to your school.

Keeping STAFF Organised & Efficient

Capture tasks by taking a photo.

Share tasks with your team with a single click.

Complete tasks using our Red/Yellow/Green traffic lights.

It’s all about photos and simplicity!

introducing snaptags FOR SAFETY

If you maintain records of any equipment inspections or examine physical assets or locations regularly you might like our NFC Snaptags which when tapped with your regular Smartphone, keep detailed records for you – which can be useful if you’re ever asked...

With incredible data insights powered by Snapfix available too, Snaptags make managing buildings and critical infrastructure a LOT easier!

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a note

I originally built Snapfix to solve my own problem - to help me manage a number of buildings which always required ongoing management and maintenance.

I have always been obsessed with simplicity, so I designed Snapfix to be the simplest task management solution on the planet. We use photos, tags and traffic lights - concepts that everyone in the world understands.

The beauty of Snapfix is that photos, tags and traffic lights allows for infinite uses.

I would love to hear how you use Snapfix.

Please email me directly at paul [at]

Paul McCarthy
Founder & CEO

PS: Please send me any feedback directly at paul [at]
It will help us improve Snapfix for everyone!